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Fairbanks Stud, situated in the Gold Coast hinterland, follows a long tradition of breeding rearing and competing horses.

Our principle aim is to breed, raise and train purpose bred competition horses for the Olympic disciplines. The use of frozen semen and carefully selected broodmares will help us to achieve this goal.

Fairbanks consists of 83 acres of improved pastures, a 60 x 20 metre indoor arena and 24 stables. Also housed under the one roof is a fully equiped laboratory for the processing of fresh, chilled or frozen semen. Crushes for ultrasound inspection of resident and incoming mares during the breeding season. A phantom (or dummy) for the collection of semen. This semen is then processed for various applications such as direct insemination (fresh), for transport (chilled), or for storage and or transportation purposes (frozen).

We also provide a range of services at Fairbanks, which include the insemination of your mare by a qualified technician. Collection of semen from your stallion for the purpose of freezing or chilling, or entrance into our studbook
"FWQ Warmblood Studbook"

Our stables constantly house a supply of top quality competition horses and young stock, should you be in the market to purchase a horse. We also provide training (horse or rider) and assistance with the sale of your horse.


Indoor Arena



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